Civitas ChildLaw Center

Diane C. Geraghty

A. Kathleen Beazley Chair in ChildLaw Professor and Director of the Civitas ChildLaw Center

A member of the Loyola faculty since 1977, Professor Geraghty developed and directs Loyola's nationally recognized Civitas ChildLaw Center. In 2001, she became the 16th annual recipient of the American Bar Association Livingston Hall Award for her many contributions to the field of children's law. In 2000, she was designated a Juvenile Justice Pioneer in recognition of her contributions to improvement of the Cook County Juvenile Court. In May 2004, she was named the Acting Dean of the law school. In April 2005 she was named to the Board of Directors of Maryville Academy, the largest residential child-care facility in the State of Illinois. During 2004-05, she served as the Interim Dean of the School of Law. She was also recently named Faculty of the Year at Loyola University Chicago. Professor Geraghty earned her M.A. from the University of Chicago and her J.D. degree from Northwestern University.